Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Post #6

Day 6: Wednesday was one of the lowest days I’ve had in months. It was the epitome of why I am torturing myself with magnetic radiation.

Pain: How badly did the treatment hurt? Headaches after? Other issues?

4.5/5 –Very Intense, but bearable. Just.

Sleep: How’d I sleep? How many hours? Quality?

1/5 – I slept off and on. It was miserable and sweaty. I wanted to sleep and couldn’t stay there. I didn’t want to leave my bed either.

Appetite: How’d I feel about eating? What did I eat?

1/5 –I hated everything and didn’t eat much.

Physical Activity: What did I feel capable of doing? What did I ultimately do? How did I feel after?

1/5 – I wanted to stay in bed or on the couch and not move. I had no desire or energy to do anything.

Motivation: How much proactive motivation did I have? What motivated me? What were my goals? Did I hit them?

1/5 – None.

Baseline Mood: What am I feeling as a baseline.

1/5 – The worst day in months.

Happenings: What’s happened today that may impact my baseline?

Depression. I was so low I didn’t care about anything.

Reactions: What were my reactions to the happenings?


Learnings: What did I learn, observe, etc?

I learned that no matter how many good days I’ve had. There’s always one of these days coming back around to wave hello. I’m not cured of this. We have tough days. We fight, we stay alive, we rise, we fight again.

Keep fighting, Don.

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