Fear and the Pursuit of Dreams

We all have a dream, some of us two or three. When we were growing up, we dreamed of the day we’d be old enough to do whatever we wanted. We dreamed of being astronauts. We dreamed of meeting our superheroes, heroes, and celebrities. We idolized actors, musicians, and authors. We dreamed of being greater …

Graphic Design: Rotary Club of Indianapolis

This design was generated as part of a potential mailing for the Rotary Club of Indianapolis. It was not used in lieu of a Times New Roman plain-text letter. I feel it was an excellent design and is thus included as an example of my work.

Graphic Designs: “From the Well House”

Graphic Design Examples                               These designs were created for “From the Well House,” I was an intern for a semester working with them at Indiana University Kokomo.    

Academic: Indiana University Kokomo – Web 2.0 Strategy

Indiana University Kokomo Web 2.0 Strategy (Written in 2009) Case for Change Now more than ever current and prospective students are alive and thriving on the internet. They form their college choices based not only on what their advisors and high school counselors recommend, but they form opinions collectively online in a phenomenon known as …

Website Usability/Architecture Analysis: Indiana University Kokomo

Usability In Prioritizing Web Usability the authors state that you have two minutes to grab a potential customer’s attention. With that logic, I believe that the IU Kokomo website fails to understand that with an excessive amount of labels and links without clear definition of what falls under each category. There are inconsistencies in navigation, …